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    The Reading Room

    Welcome to the Reading Room. The "Room" has grown so much that we have created libraries for all of our documents. There are 9 libraries:

    • Accidents - contains "real life" stories of accidents and incidents where people have self rescued. There are lots of practical tips from those who have "been there".
    • General - contains articles on the principles of self rescue, rescue, and leadership in emergency situations.
    • Health - contains articles on nutrition, stretching, sleep, endurance, and all those "little things" that can add up to create a safer cave trip.
    • Safety - contains articles on how to stay safe in various situations. It also contains information on the relationships of safety and accidents.
    • Equipment - contains information on the different equipment used while caving. It also contains articles on how to care for your equipment.
    • Techniques - contins articles on rappeling, bolting, haul systems, anchors, shock loads, navigation, etc.
    • Med-Conditions - contains articles on various cave related diseases and medical conditions.
    • Med-Injury - contains information on injuries, and how to deal with them.
    • References - contains information on recommended reading and videos. There are a lot of great references out there, and we want you to know about them.

    We've added several references to articles that are in PDF. The PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this application installed on your machine, you can download it at no cost. Just click on the button.

    If there are any articles you would like to see included in the list, or if you would like to submit a paper, PLEASE contact us. We're always looking for reliable caving and rescue information. The inclusion of links in the Reading Room is not necessarily an endorsement by the Self Rescue Group.


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