Cindy's Reading List
  1. God, Bible. This is a great read, any time, any place. It is highly relevant. It has to stay #1 on my reading list.

  2. Morris, D. Forgiving the Dead Man Walking. Debbie Morris managed to survive the crimes committed by the rapist and killer seen in the motion picture Dead Man Walking. This book is an accounting of the events that permanently changed her life. What is more important, it is the story of how, through God's grace, she came to the point where she could actually forgive her assailant. If you've ever been deeply hurt by anyone, it is a great book to read.

  3. Nuland, S. How We Die - Reflections on Life's Final Chapter. Dr. Nuland describes all the mechanics of how the body undergoes that transition called "death". One is forced to see death for what it really is - in its raw form. The true lesson of this book is how wonderful the human body is.

  4. Cahill, T. How the Irish Saved Civilization. This book combines the fall of Rome, the preservation of knowledge, and the adventures of Patricus. We know this fellow by another name, but I won't spoil it for you. I found it to be a rollicking good read.

  5. Jamison, K. An Unquiet Mind. A leading expert in Manic Depression, Dr. Jameson writes about her own battle with the illness. This is a story of deep pain, triumph, and the healing power of love.

  6. An Old Soldier. The War Nobody Won. The "Old Soldier" is actually Ed Hathaway, who was an interpreter for Lava Beds National Monument. He talks about the "Modoc War" from the soldier's point of view. Mr. Hathaway taught at the Army Intelligence School and served as an analyst in the Soviet Field. He does a wonderful job of describing the problems that led up to the Modoc "war", and the fiascoes that caused things to escalate. This truly was a war that had only losers.

  7. Jamison, K. Touched With Fire, Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament . I read this one after I read An Unquiet Mind. Does being creative cause madness, or is it the other way around? It is amazing how many of the worlds artists suffered from one form of mental illness or another.

  8. Fasulo, D. Self Rescue. This was recommended to me by NOLS instructor John Gookin. I really like the format. It is a great book for the climber or caver. I used this a lot as a reference and as an "idea source" when designing the caver's self rescue instruction modules.

  9. Wilczek, F.Longing for the Harmonies. This is an absolutely wonderful physics book written for the layman. Everything in the world is interconnected. Sound is like color, which is like heat. The author gives clear and poetic descriptions of how the world works. A combination of physics and philosophy. This book sings.

  10. McCray, J. The Love Every Woman Needs - Intimacy With Jesus. This is a really great book on how we need to connect with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. There is a lot of insight on how to develop a deep, loving, intimate relationship with the only person that knows and loves us completely and totally.

  11. Prejean, H. Dead Man Walking. The movie showed a composite of many of the prisoners to be found in this book. Sister Prejean presents both sides of the Death Penalty, from that of the victims family, and that of the murderers family. It shows a side that many people fail to see - even "bad" people are still human, and need God's love. Since I also work in the jails, I could really relate to this book.

  12. Bolton, R. Gal - A True Life. This is the story of a young woman who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. She was severely abused from a very early age. Some of the descriptions of her life are truly horrifying. She speaks of how, never knowing love, she was unable to give or receive it. She encountered a few key people who wouldn't give up on her. Because of them, she was finally able to overcome her own abusive patterns and drug addictions. The ultimate triumph!

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