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Thinking of taking the plunge ?

Installfests in New York are generally posted to the nylug-talk list, and on the websites of several local Linux User Groups.

NYLXS has been hosting Tech-nite (an informal installfest) in Brooklyn, every Sunday evening from 7:00 pm to midnite, and looks likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Other LUGs hold Installfests irregularly for both members and non-members. You can find information at their websites, listed in the
LUGs directory.

While you are waiting for the next 'Fest to be announced, (or if you are just confused), take a look at my page of definitions, advice, and links to other Installfest sites
(I recommend the pre-installation and post-installation checklists) :

More Installfest Info

last updated Jan 02, 2005