Security Issues

In the wake of the Sept 11 tragedy, many office buildings in Manhattan are increasing their security procedures. Some buildings in other areas will also increase security.

At the least, you should carry an id-card that includes your picture, such as:
New York State Driver's Licence
U.S. Passport
Picture-id issued by your current employer
Some buildings will require that you pre-register for each meeting.
This means that you must email the group leader to put your name on the attendance list, as early as possible, preferably several days before the meeting.

Information for the buildings below is known as of October 10, 2001.

For any other buildings, please check the website of the group you plan to visit and/or contact the group leader directly.

IBM Building - 57 Street at Madison Avenue
All meeting attendees must be pre-registered.
You must rsvp separately for each and every meeting you wish to attend.
LUGs CANNOT carry your name from one meeting to the next.

When you enter the building, you will be asked for an ID with a picture. The security people will look at the ID, and your picture on it, and associate it with a name on the list.

If your name isn't on the list, you won't be allowed up. If your ID matches a name on the list, but the picture doesn't match your face, you won't be allowed up.

So, bring full picture ID and send your name to the group leader (see the Lug Directory) so they may submit it to IBM.
Groups affected: NYLUG,   GNUbies,   DELUGENY,   NYPHP

New Yorker Hotel- 34 Street at Eighth Avenue
Random security checks are in place.
When you enter the building, you may be asked for an ID with a picture. If you do not have one, you will not be admitted to the building.
Groups affected: TheLinuxSociety, NYPC

this page last updated on November 22, 2004