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NYC : the 5 boroughs

Groups in Nearby Areas

Long Island, N.Y.

Westchester, N.Y. and North

Also, for tech groups in and near Poughkeepsie see Bill Collier's calendar:
"Professional/Technical Society Meetings in the Mid-Hudson Valley"

New Jersey


To have your User Group included on this LUGs directory,
please send email to: .

note: NY City Transit provides free subway and bus maps, available at the token booth of most subway stations.

CAVEAT: meetings can change or be canceled with short notice. Please recheck each User Group meeting on its own home page or with the contact given on its home page.

fees: User group meetings are usually free and open to the public. Exceptions are noted. Trade shows normally charge admission fees, but check their web sites for discounts and free passes.

This page was based upon Rick Moen's BALE: Bay Area Linux Events page, serving the San Francisco Linux community.

Consider forming a Linux User Group in your own area.
There's good advice on how to do this at the LinuxDocumentationProject site:
And Rick's essay is a "must-read":

note: about OPEN vs Free

This website includes groups that use Opensource or Free software, as well as some proprietary (ie closed-source) software.   The selection criterion is that the user-group deals with either LINUX or a technology closely related to Linux (eg PERL).
The debate between the philosophy and politics of Open vs Free is of some significance, and many members of the technology community take it extremely seriously.

This website will not deal with the topic or the issues.
But we can recommend the following websites to start your own study.
Free Software Foundation

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