NYLXS Learning Free Software

NYLXS holds an "open house/install fest" every weekend
at its "GNU/Linux Education Center and Internet Cafe",
located at "Kings Games" at Kings Highway and East 12th Street.
TECH NITE is either Saturday evening or Sunday evening depending upon the season
Look under "TECH NITE" on their home page for the current schedule

Upstairs is a traditional Games center, and the Free Software Center is downstairs.

Who  : NYLXS - Kings Games 
What : Open House and Installfest 
Where: Kings Games
       East 12th Street and Kings Highway, 
       Brooklyn NY
       link to map and directions 
When : Look under "TECH NITE" on their home page for the current schedule
         If Sunday, then 4:00 PM until midnight
         If Saturday, then 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM 
Come with your machine and get help installing Linux and your
other free/gnu software. 
NYLXS also runs classes and an internet cafe at this location evenings and other times during the week.
Assistance on Sundays is free, attendance at NYLXS meetings is free and encouraged.
Classes and computer rentals are very reasonably priced.
Please visit the NYLXS web site at http://www.nylxs.com for more information about the classes and other NYLXS activities.

This is a brand new facility with built in CAT 5 cable.
Computer rentals are $5 per hour, and a discount is being worked out for NYLXS voting members.

Other details: Kings Games is convenient access from nearly anywhere in NYC. From Manhattan, 30 minutes from Herald Square via the Q diamond train to Kings Highway. Car Access: Take the Belt Highway to Coney Island Avenue Drive North to Kings Highway. Right to East 12th Street. Parking facilities across the street and around the area.

Kings Highway facilities: The Business District on Kings Highway and Coney Island Ave is one of the largest and most vibrant in New York City. With central access from the Brighton Line Subway, it has night clubs, world class restaurants and eating facilities, parking, Bus Line access from Canarsie, Mill Basin, Bright Beach, Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay, Flatbush, Midwood and Gerritson Beach. It's shopping is world class. The neighborhood is largely Russian Jews, Orthodox Jews, Chinese, Irish and more. The area is particularly friendly and safe.