High Risk Bust or chasing in 2007

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June 1 Northern Illinois tornado watch

The big show with this storm environment was in Iowa about noon, we were unable to leave Hales Corners until about 2 p.m. and by the time we got to where the storms were they would die out right away.

June 2  Forget chasing in Wisconsin

We choose to drive towards Texas for Sunday since Saturday's outlook in southern Wisconsin would probably bust like it always does!  And what do ya know, it did!

June 3 Supercell near Odessa, Texas

We got a nice supercell just south of Odessa, Texas, unfortunately it weakened and gusted out over a period of about a half an hour and we missed the tornadoes it produced by 20 minutes or so.

June 5  Setting up in Nebraska but having a lack of optimism.

After getting up to Nebraska about dinner time the prospects of Tornadoes does not look promising even though we are looking to two consecutive days of High Risk on the SPC outlooks for June 6 & 7.

June 6  Broken Bow Nebraska Tornado

June 7 High Risk bust in eastern Iowa


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