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2000 Chase Highlights

May 29




June 3


July 8





On this day we found ourselves East of a powerful line of large cells.  The southernmost cell was to our west and it took on a triangular appearance.(#2 & 3) We tried to get to North Platte but the trip down was just too risky with the rain core moving in rapidly from the west.(#4)   We got near the notch of the Southern storm but it never showed signs of rotation.  To the southwest there was a wall cloud that began to sweep up dust off the farm fields.(#5); We raced to Grand Island as massive amounts of dust were sucked into the storm from miles ahead of us as the storm followed.(#6)  A wild chase.

After a long drive up to South Dakota we encountered several small storms that seemed to display supercell characteristics but only #1 became intense enough to cause a warning, the storm weakened by the time we encountered it.  We saw a few other nice storms near rapid city(#2 to 4)

We drove up to Eau Claire, Wisconsin on a day with enormous CAPE hoping to catch storms that were under a tornado watch.  After sunset we encountered a supercell to our north that displayed the most spectacular lightning show I have ever witnessed (#7 & 8). We also witnessed a lightning bolt that came up from the ground (below the Gallery viewer).
May 29 #1 Updraft to our west #2 storm base growing #3 Storm with large base #4 storm develops precip core #5 Wall Cloud #6 Shelf cloud with strong inflow
June 3 #7 Dying cell #8 Lp Supercell #9 Storm over Rapid City #10 Wall Cloud over Rapid City    
July 8 #7 Supercell Illuminated by lightning #8 Backlit Supercell  


Initial step leader Bolt forks on way to cloud Lightning return stroke

Sometimes lightning comes up from the ground!

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