Lotek Studio

I opened my personal studio, Lotek, in January of 1985. It is located in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles, not far from Venice Beach. It exists in a funky old house that was moved in the 1930's from near the LA Colliseum to it's current location. Though I originally intended it to be used for my personal use only, I was soon doing all kinds of projects for various people. It has a homey, creativity inspiring feel people seem to like. Some notables that have worked here include Martha Davis of The Motels, Robby Krieger of The Doors, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bruce, Walt, Tom, and Steve Fowler, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick, Chad Wackerman, Tommy Mars, Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Chester Thompson, Larry Klimas, David Garfield, Peter Bergman of Firesign Theatre, Randy California of Spirit, The Untouchables, The Pandoras, drummer Carlos Vega, Richie Hayward of Little Feat, percussionist Lenny Castro, Dean Paul Martin, Malcolm McLaren, producer Keith Forsey.

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