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World Savings is now Wells Fargo Bank

A survey of current rates and terms for World Savings Bank, now known as Wachovia Bank. 

In October 2007 local World Savings Bank branches in Northern California switched their signs to Wachovia. Wachovia Corp. acquired Golden West Financial Corp., parent company of World Savings Bank, in October 2006.  Wachovia is focusing on completing the absorption of World Savings in the south and west of the U.S., and completing the rest of merger integration process by mid-2008, according to the company.

A list of the urrent Rates and Yields for Wachovia Bank can be cound at our Wachovia page.

Definition:  A Certificate of Deposit or CD is certificate from a bank stating that the named party has a specified sum on deposit, usually for a given period of time at a fixed rate of interest.  Often there is a penalty for early withdrawal (taking your money out before the specified period of time.)

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