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The #skeptic IRC channel we use to run has died of under-use.


There is a Skeptic Chat area that is far more active on specifically Skeptical Topics. Run by a gentalman calling himself Koevoet, it has had, at times, held conferances and discussions with promenent persons on both sides of the skeptical fence.

The channel name for this is #Skepsis

Listed Below are the addresses for this service.

All connections should be made to the usual port "6667".

If you do not have an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, then there are several you can download off the Internet. For Windows95 or Windows 3.1 users, I recommend Khaled Mardam-Bey's mIRC program.

For the Macintosh, Ircle is a popular shareware client, and ShadowIRC is an upstart contender.

If all you have is a text-based Unix account, chances are that your system administrator has set things up so that you can simply type irc. Once in the irc program, type /server serveraddress :6667, where serveraddress is one of the above servers, and then type /join #skeptic to get to the #Skepsis channel.

I think it is obvious what /quit will do. :-)

If none of these work for you, contact your local technical support people.

Please note that #Skepsis IRC Channel is not in any way associated with any "OFFICIAL" Skeptics Organization, except perhaps philosophically. <grin> Regular participants on #skeptic come from all over the United States and Europe. Anyone is free to drop by, whether you're skeptical or not. However, if you voice an opinion, be prepared to defend it. Even the regulars sometimes find themselves asked to justify what others see as an incorrect statement, which is as it should be. An unexamined belief is often one not worth having. Besides, it would be boring if we all had the same opinions. :-)

This "Thursday meeting of Skeptics" started out as a place where people from a Mailing List could come and talk in real-time, instead of through the E-mail, only.

The List in question is run by Taner Edis, And is called SKEPTIC. The list is old, contentious, and to some rather technical and a bit boring. One of the members of Taners List thought that he could liven things up a bit, and started another List, called SKEPTIX. At present the SKEPTX list is a bit under the weather, however. You will find members of both these Listservs, as well as others interested in Skepticism, or just friends of friends of Skeptics, talking here most every Thursday Evening....

Since one of our people already maintains a collection of links to skeptical information, there seemed to be little need to duplicate it here.

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