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A Little Bit About Us..

The channel #Shire was first created on EFNET as a place for a few friends to get together to chat. This was several years ago, when EFNET was the only IRC network out there. EFNET got so big and clogged up that the channel was moved to Undernet and since has expanded to some other nets. We were, in fact, spending the predominant amount of our time on Starchat. There, just recently, one of the OPER'S decided to be abusive and we have moved, perhaps permanently, to the system.

Darkon has been busy working to entertain us all, and himself. He has made us this weird SHIRE WIKI THING. It is read only except to us; its main purpose for existing is for us to screw around with an easy-edit HTML thingie.... and also to synchronize our UnrealTournament maps. However, if you're a #shire regular and want to add to it, ask us for the password and we'll tell you.

Some of us have been taken of late with a game called Unreal Tournament.

The net seems to be full of rudeness and sexual harassment these days, but #Shire remains a place where this sort of thing is Frowned Upon.The purpose of the channel remains the same as it ever was. It is a place for folks to get together and chat and have a good time. This is not a Role-playing channel nor one for a lot of discussion about JRR Tolkien. It's simply a name that stuck! There is a channel on Undernet, called #TOLKIEN,, if in-depth discussion of Tolkien is what you're looking for, and it might be more to your liking. On Dalnet there is a channel called #CAMELOT, where some of the shirefolk use to hang out also and this might be more to your liking if you are into the role-playing thing. Several of the folks here belong to listservs and Groups that deal with Skeptics and Skeptical topics. We have been, of late, playing about with Shire Statistics. Probably to all our detriment. But feel free to join in the fun. We also have a contingent of Religious folks, and some of us are simply heathens. A happy, varied bunch we are, stop by sometime and say howdy! :-)

Some have been playing with this Political Self-Test Here is a graph of the results thus far. Political Graph

I have some stuff I'd like to sell, and made a page for it, called Red Lion Controls for sale . which has, you guessed it, some of my surplus Red Lion controls for sale. :-)

We Are Now NO LONGER,, Using Starchat As Our Normal Chat Server

You can find us on the following servers:

See the Explanation of why we were booted off starchat.

All connections should be made to the usual ports "6667" and such.

There is also a #Shire email list for sharing information and humor.

To join, send Mail to

Just put "subscribe shire" as the message text.

If you have any trouble subscribing, email Susieq@Softhome.Net.

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The Shire's Lovely Ladies! :-)

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The Shire's Menfolk :-)

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What few things that we might have, of interest to no one much, will be listed below.

A bit of verse, called "The Meeting"

A bit of a "short" story, called "The Coffee House"

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