Landscapes by Elizabeth Kincaid

Quarter Sheet   Frame Size (width x height)
Juneau 10PM (watercolor, 2008)
Motherland (watercolor, 2005) 7 x 5 inches, $195
22w x 19h
Nova Scotia Morning (watercolor, 2003)
21w x 15h

1/2 sheet   Frame Size (width x height)
Big Lagoon (Watercolor, 1998) Frame - 28w x 21h, wood
Quiet Morning (Watercolor, 1991) Frame - 28w x 21h, silver metal
Collier's Cove (Watercolor, 1991) Frame - 20w x 28h, silver metal
Return to Denny Creek (Watercolor, 1999) Frame - 29w x 22h, wood
When Dinosaurs Were Here (watercolor, 2004)
Stream Moment (watercolor, 2004)
In Memory of John (watercolor, 2004) 21 x 13 1/2 inches, $875

Full sheet   Frame Size (width x height)
Friends (watercolor, 2004)
Afternoon with Leo (Watercolor, 1994) Frame - 39w x 32h, silver metal
Eel River S-curve (Watercolor, 2003)

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