Elizabeth Kincaid's Classes and Workshops

Pictures on the way Elizabeth's classes meet in her studio.

Elizabeth's Classes

Elizabeth teaches ongoing weekly classes in her studio on Tuesdays. They meet from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Since space is limited, and since she wants to give each person personal time, the classes are limited to a 8 students maximum; check with Elizabeth for openings. There are demonstrations and short talks, but most of the teaching is done by personal mentoring.

Each person works on projects of their own choosing. Elizabeth teaches her masking and glazing technique, design, color, qualities of particular paints, and other painting-related issues. As needed, other topics are discussed. Some examples are: copyright, matting and framing, interaction with galleries, entering juried shows, and choice of equipment.

Elizabeth paints in a very realistic style, but many of her students have chosen to paint in other styles. The techniques that she uses are equally applicable to other, more abstracted ideas.

Elizabeth's Workshops

I teach two and five day workshops, and the fee is $200 and $500, accordingly. I live in Kirkland, which is an eastern suburb of Seattle WA. I live on the eastern slope of Finn Hill, with lots of parks around and a view of the Cascade mountain range and Mt. Rainier from our house. I will provide lunch and morning coffee for the group, so we are free to paint all day. The class will be in my home class room. I have a large room, 26 feet square in the daylight basement of my house, which is on a steeply sloping lot. The room has windows and a sliding door opening to the back yard, and a gas fireplace for cozy heat on the very unlikely chance it will be cool here in the summertime. The room also has a large sink and long counter. We will work from photos, and I will be doing demos to teach my masking and glazing technique, as well as a lot about how to pull a painting together to make an impact and be full of light. I will be working individually with each student quite a bit, as well as frequent demonstrations, and we would build from what you know. I'll be teaching the masking and glazing technique that my book covers, as well as capturing light in paintings.

I demonstrate a flower or animal, but I want you to pick subjects that you are excited about. That's why I don't assign subjects. The emphasis is on design and technique, which makes subject matter much less important. I will be teaching you how to take the potential in your photograph and maximize the strength of the painting you can make from it. You will learn how to apply basic design principles in order to create the most impact, how to create the illusion of light falling on a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface. Manipulating value relationships, choosing strong color combinations, giving shapes the right edge quality (i.e. soft or hard edges), ways to add texture - all of these will be covered. At the end I will be demonstrating how to pull it all together to make the finished painting work, how to tell when a painting is finished, and what to do when there are problems that need fixing. The class size will be limited to no more than 12 students - small enough for me to work with each student individually, as well as the demonstrations I will be giving each day.

Your gear will take up less space if you work on quarter sheet paper (11x14), but the 2x4 foot table each student will have is large enough to work on half sheet size. If you've already been painting you can bring what you already have, and just add the things that are missing from the supply list. Be sure to ask me if you are uncertain about what to bring.

To register, you need to send a check for a 50% deposit, and I will let you know when I receive it, and send you the supply list. The remainder is due before the class begins. My address is: 9515 NE 137th Street Kirkland WA 98034. My phone number is (425) 823-9420. There are lots of motels and bed and breakfasts in the area, and I can send you a list if you need that. The airport to take here is the SeattleTacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport, south of Seattle - about an hour drive from here, except during rush hour.

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